Valentine’s at the Keefer Mansion!

We were given a free night stay gift certificate to stay at the Keefer Mansion in Thorold, on behalf of the Business Link of Niagara (for the great work we have done for them).  Thanks Business Link for the gift!!!

We were pretty excited as we both of course had heard of the famous Mansion, and I myself had already visited when it was undergoing renovations to become the Bed & Breakfast that it is today.

The Keefer Mansion Inn, has a lot of history to it – and we would talk about it here, however we urge you as our interested readers – to check out the Mansion’s website at:

The Inn is also supposedly haunted. Check out the highly dramatic Creepy Canada  episode on YouTube at:

One thing we will add to this…before we go into our experience…

It is a fact (according to the Inn Keeper) that the Keefer Mansion was once haunted by 34 spirits. Psychics have been to the Mansion, to communicate with and allow the spirits to move on.

It is also a fact, according to staff, that occurrences have been happening randomly and in eerie ways, over the last year.  I don’t personally wish to publicly disclose their stories, however, this was made known to us following our stay.

We stayed in our room for the majority of the night, with the exception of going out to dinner, and of course taking our cameras around the hallways to capture some images from within the old place.  We had a very lovely stay, except of course for the creepy occurrences that literally began as soon as we were first shown our room.

We’d like to share our synopsis of what occurred throughout our evening at the Mansion. Photos will follow.  Please keep in mind, that this is what happened to us. Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, we simply cannot help but to believe that the unexplained can truly exist.

*Disclaimer – All of these events are true and did actually occur.

– About a Half-hour into our stay, we heard a loud ticking/hissing type noise from the bathroom, and suddenly felt this strange presence in the room. A few minutes later, my laptop bag was flipped over onto the floor from the desk – thankfully I was using the laptop at the time – no windows were open nor was there a draft.
– It was around 11pm –   I felt this tiny pinch on my shoulder, and then it felt like something brushed past behind me – it almost felt like tiny fingers across my back. I decided to leave the room.
– At around 11:20pm – we were setting up for our shoot, when all of our technology kept malfunctioning – Camera batteries would be charged one minute and sometimes wouldn’t work at all. The memory card would say that it was full – and this was after it was formatted and tested on the laptop, as well as formatted on the camera. This happened for about 15 minutes and then everything would be back to working condition with no issues. It was completely baffling.
– It was around midnight, when the smoke detector in the room started going off – we were not smoking in the room – however we presumed the battery was dying in the device. The odd part about this was, for the fact that each time I was using my camera remote, each time I clicked the remote shutter button, the smoke detector would beep – and it was on the ceiling 12 feet above us.  Nevertheless, with everything that had happened to that point, we were pretty spooked out. We ventured downstairs to seek out the Inn Keeper, who promptly fixed the issue for us.
– Around 3:45am in the morning, we were taking photos of the 2nd floor foyer –  I approached the staircase to the third floor, and was about to take a photo looking up the stairs, when I suddenly heard to what I can best describe as a very loud and encompassing “scoffing sigh”.  The sigh was in surround-sound-like fashion, it lasted for a few seconds, and felt like it was completely all around me and completely echoed around my ears throughout the second floor.  It was a man’s sigh, and low & deep sounding – almost middle-aged. I decided quite quickly to exit quickly and moved back into the bedroom – and I will admit that this rattled me a bit.  I’ve seen plenty of movies, and have been entertained many times by ghost and spooky things on tv and movies but I never thought I’d experience anything that frightening…and personal as it seemed. Maybe it didn’t want me to take any more photos of its home?

– This was our last occurrence of the night.

The next morning, the Inn Keeper’s Wife had asked us while we were checking out, if we had enjoyed our stay and if we had any other problems through the night, following the issue with the smoke detector. We informed her of our occurrences, and her reaction showed that she was not surprised.  She was shocked to know that we had some issues in our room, as guests apparently have not had any ghostly issues in their rooms up until that point.

After checking out, and upon driving away from the house – we both felt like we were going to actually miss the place. We really did enjoy our stay, despite the scary stuff – and we certainly do hope to visit again some day.  This was our first time staying in a “Haunted Hotel” – and we were quite pleased that our night was so eventful.  Although it was a bit on the freaky side…it was interesting to say the least – and fun!

Please Note: We at Weller Photography, with this posting of photographs and words,  do not make claim that the Keefer Mansion is haunted, however the experiences we had certainly made us question the notion that the location does not contain some sort of supernatural & unexplained force.

We have since gone through our photos and haven’t found much evidence of “ghosts” – although the first photo you will see below if of the front of the Mansion taken outdoors. I didn’t have my tripod on me, as I merely wanted a fun night shot of the place.  The eerie thing is – check out the crop…it does appear to show two transparent figures walking up the main stairway inside…There was no one walking up the stairs at the time that this photo was taken. Have a look for yourself and decide…and enjoy all the other photos posted from our Valentine’s Night at the Keefer Mansion!


CROPPED Photo below…it looks like there are two spectral figures walking up the stairs inside the Mansion….you decide…

Our Bedroom – Room 202

The Second Floor Foyer

Approaching the 2nd Floor

The Landing to the 2nd Floor

The Second Floor

The stairway to the 3rd floor.

3rd Floor stairway

The main hallway on the 3rd Floor. The bookcase to the right, opens up, and there is a “secret” stairwell behind it, leading to the fourth floor “attic” and widow’s walk.

Spooky old painting along the main 3rd floor hallway. There is a rather odd-looking shadow in the top right corner of this photo… Again, you decide…

A hallway on the 3rd floor. This is where a sickly ghostly soldier has been seen.

3rd Floor Main Hallway

The entire mansion was kept lit throughout the night.

The decorated top landing to the 3rd floor.

Our room was the second door to the right. Room 202.

The remaining photos below were taken with the Iphonedue to our photography equipment acting throughout the evening.  All photos starting at the “painting” – were taken between 3:45 and 4am on Feb 14, 2011. The photos have not been watermarked, so that you can view the entire photo without any obstruction.  Please excuse the quality due to the low-light and the iphone…and you will see that there are a few of these photos where the shadows and lighting are somewhat questionable…We will say it again…you decide. 🙂

Another creepy old painting. It looked like the eyes of the ladies would follow you as you walked by.


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  1. Hey there buddy wholly crap, thats allot of hair love the pic in your robes awesome, glad to see your still doing this, wanted to drop a note and let you know I did some work during Halloween last year it was a blast if they have it again this year you should come, make for some interesting photo’s.
    Miss Minacs, well hanging with you at least, was a blast.

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