We were comped a night’s stay at the Sheraton on the Falls on Canada Day – and we were given a quaint but lovely room on the 22nd floor – and what a room with view we had over Niagara Falls!!  This gave us an excellent opportunity to nab some nifty photos of the Falls, the Niagara Parkway, as well as the splendid display of Canada Day Fireworks over the Falls later that night!  Thanks to everyone for an awesome night and for the wonderful little getaway for Canada Day!

As I was rocking my 200mm zoom to capture the epic photo of the Horseshoe Falls above, I was subsequently attacked by a pigeon – presumably guarding his roost adjacent to our 22nd-floor hotel room balcony. The below series of photos will show my attempt to at least capture the bird attack – which was obviously happening far closer (and faster) than what my zoom was able to handle!

and so after that, I zoomed back on the Falls and captured a full frontal amazing angle of the entire water’s edge side of the Toronto Power Generating Station.

Queen Victoria Park was getting pretty packed with people to watch the fireworks & take in the fun of Canada Day at Niagara Falls!

Two really neat captures of Oakes Garden Theatre

The American Falls

Remember our friend the Pigeon? This was it’s roost. Lucky bird to hang out there all day with such an awesome view!

…And then another pigeon came along

The Fireworks are about to commence! Happy Canada Day 2011 everyone!

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