In early August, I was flown out to Halifax Nova Scotia to work on a very important and confidential project. I was to be a personal photographer for someone I had met while on a job in Calgary Alberta the week before, as well as work on another project of which I am under contract not to speak or write about, so with all of that said –  August 2011 was a really busy and totally  incredible month of new experiences and opportunities!  Along with my flight to Calgary, this was my first time in the last 18 years that I had been on a plane!

I was extremely excited to be flying to Halifax as I had never been to the East Coast before, and I have always  been fascinated with boats and ships – which stems to my childhood memories of my grandfather’s stories and photographs of historic water vessels.

..and so I flew from Toronto to Halifax in just about two hours time via WestJet — fast and high!

Airport Photos taken with my android phone

Images taken with my phone from my window seat

Are airplane bathrooms always this small?? 😉

A view over The Bay of Fundy, Long Island & Digby Neck – Nova Scotia


I was picked up at Halifax Stanfield Airport and was driven to meet one of my contacts in Dartmouth.  After meeting with them, I was shown to my comped hotel room in Dartmouth and overlooking Halifax Harbour.   My itinerary for the next morning included a short stroll through Dartmouth and to Alderney Landing where I would catch the Metro Ferry to cross Halifax Harbour over to the City of Halifax.  The ferry ride was pretty neat, as it gave the option to stand up top and outside to get some great views of the fine East Coast Panorama.

Once in Halifax, I met with another contact “The Skipper” who was to be my guide and work buddy during my stay.  We immediately went to the job site and began our work for the day.  The weather wasn’t co-operating a little later on that day, so I was permitted some time to “play tourist”.  The Skipper and I took off back down to the harbourfront – and then we simply walked and explored.

I was very excited to know that my Halifax accommodations were practically attached to the Alexander Keith’s Brewery, and overlooking the harbour!  Life couldn’t get any better on this trip!

Here are all of the rest of the exciting highlights from my work trip to Halifax.  Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time to see and do everything that I had wanted – but that will just make Halifax that much better the next time I go!   I got to meet a lot of fantastic people, and contribute greatly to a fantastic project in the making.  The fresh smell of the sea air was refreshing to the senses each day, and The East Coast food is still something I miss every single day now that I am back home. The lobster, the fish, the everything food – what an awesome place Halifax was!

I would like to thank everyone involved with making this incredible trip happen!  Your hospitality was out of this world amazing – and I am very proud to have been a part of it all.

Enjoy the pics!

A fantastic view from Dartmouth over Halifax Harbour

A view of Georges Island over the Dartmouth train yards

Alderney Landing

The Trans-Canada Trail Pavillion

The Metro Transit Ferry

Farewell Dartmouth!

Halifax Shipyards

Hello Halifax!

On the first morning in Halifax, My friend “The Skipper” (who was also my NS work peer & City Guide) took me down along the harbourfront, and showed me how to reach into the harbour and pick out a Live Starfish! No I didn’t eat it…

My first sight of True East Coast Lobster!!

Taking the Time to Get It Right

Our nights after work in Halifax, generally started with this entrance…good times ladies and gents!


One of the many cool old buildings in and around the downtown core.

The Skipper told me to dip my bare feet in the Ocean – sure why not?!

…and then I was attacked by a Great White Shark!

(JOKE PHOTO ALERT! – thanks to my friend Greg Martin for manipulating this masterpiece! )

But we did see many of these jelly fish floating and roaming along the edges of Halifax Harbour

Taking in the Spirit of the East Coast


Harbourfront Condos

A view of the Lighthouse on Georges Island

Samuel Cunard

A View from my Halifax Hotel Room

The last evening in Halifax – all of us got together for a Lobster Feast – and many of us including myself had three extra large lobsters to ourselves.  Incredible.


Thanks again to everyone for making Halifax happen – and for making it incredible all around. I look forward to seeing all of you again in the near-future.

Flying Home – over Niagara Falls!








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