Dana’s Last Chemo Treatment

I want to thank my long-time friend Dana Warner for having me as her photographer of her very special day on July 25th.  For it was Dana’s last Chemotherapy Treatment – and following our memorable visit to the hospital to bang the gong, we met up with Dana & her family and friends at Queenston Heights for a fun-filled family photo shoot complete with all of our amazing hot-pink shirts!! My wife Denise and I were extremely pleased to had been asked to not only capture this amazing day, but to also take part in some of the group photos! 

I am beyond honoured to have been a big part of this incredible day, and I am also so extremely proud of my beautiful strong friend.
Dana and I first met in the late 80’s when we were kids on the school yard at the old Battlefield School in Niagara Falls – and now here we are 25 years later – friends then and friends now – always and forever  Love you Dana! Congratulations! 

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DanaLastChemoTreatment24DanaLastChemoTreatment25 DanaLastChemoTreatment26 DanaLastChemoTreatment27 DanaLastChemoTreatment28 DanaLastChemoTreatment29 DanaLastChemoTreatment30DanaLastChemoTreatment31 DanaLastChemoTreatment32 DanaLastChemoTreatment33 DanaLastChemoTreatment34 DanaLastChemoTreatment35 DanaLastChemoTreatment36

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