Enrique Valencia – Niagara Summer of Thrills !

 Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls,  Children of All Ages – this is the moment you’ve all been waiting for!

Presenting – Enrique Valencia & the Niagara Summer of Thrills – Complete with a Fire-Eating, Flame-Juggling, Chainsaw-Balancing Performance to start the show!

Watch the Valencias as they amaze the crowd with death-defying stunts on the WHEEL OF FATE and the HIGHWIRE SKYCYCLE !

Be sure to check out this amazing FREE show – taking place on Victoria Avenue in front of the Imperial Hotel as well as Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks in Niagara Falls!       CLICK HERE for more show information!

Here are some of the incredible highlights from Niagara Summer of Thrills!


EnriqueValencia-NiagaraFalls-1 EnriqueValencia-NiagaraFalls-2 EnriqueValencia-NiagaraFalls-3 EnriqueValencia-NiagaraFalls-4 EnriqueValencia-NiagaraFalls-5 EnriqueValencia-NiagaraFalls-6 EnriqueValencia-NiagaraFalls-8 EnriqueValencia-NiagaraFalls-9 EnriqueValencia-NiagaraFalls-10 EnriqueValencia-NiagaraFalls-11 EnriqueValencia-NiagaraFalls-13 EnriqueValencia-NiagaraFalls-14 EnriqueValencia-NiagaraFalls-15 EnriqueValencia-NiagaraFalls-16EnriqueValencia-NiagaraFalls-17 EnriqueValencia-NiagaraFalls-18 EnriqueValencia-NiagaraFalls-19 EnriqueValencia-NiagaraFalls-20

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