Sam & Rick – Just Married!

Congratulations to Sam and Rick who were married on October 3rd at Sue Ann Staff Winery in Jordan Ontario!

I met with the lovely couple while they both got ready at their home – and after some “first-look” & family photos, we all met at the winery for a fun-filled night under the tent!

The fun & fantastic reception was complete with a magical display of fireworks and an Ice Cream Truck!

Thanks again to Sam & Rick as well as their wonderful family for such a great day! Here are the selected highlights:

SamRickWedding1 SamRickWedding2 SamRickWedding3 SamRickWedding4 SamRickWedding5 SamRickWedding6 SamRickWedding7 SamRickWedding8 SamRickWedding9 SamRickWedding10 SamRickWedding11 SamRickWedding12 SamRickWedding13 SamRickWedding14 SamRickWedding15 SamRickWedding16 SamRickWedding17 SamRickWedding18 SamRickWedding19 SamRickWedding20 SamRickWedding21 SamRickWedding22 SamRickWedding23 SamRickWedding24 SamRickWedding25 SamRickWedding26 SamRickWedding27 SamRickWedding28 SamRickWedding29aSamRickWedding30 SamRickWedding31 SamRickWedding32 SamRickWedding33 SamRickWedding34 SamRickWedding35 SamRickWedding36 SamRickWedding37 SamRickWedding38 SamRickWedding39 SamRickWedding40 SamRickWedding41 SamRickWedding42 SamRickWedding43 SamRickWedding44 SamRickWedding45 SamRickWedding46 SamRickWedding47 SamRickWedding48 SamRickWedding49 SamRickWedding50 SamRickWedding51

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