Jaime & Landon – Just Married!

Many Congratulations to a truly wonderful couple!  Jaime & Landon were married on April 1st, 2016 and what an amazing & fun-filled day we all had! Once everyone was ready at the couple’s house, we went over to a fantastic Hamilton Heights lookout with some incredible views over the city.   Being that the groom Landon is a CFL football player with the Hamilton Tiger Cats, he invited us to join them to have some fun at Tim Horton’s Field!  Locker Room, Weight Room, and Field Antics Galore!  Huge thanks to all those at Tim Horton’s field for letting us capture so many fun memories!

After throwing the ball around and getting some classic romantic moments with only us and the video crew on the fied, we then all met at the Niagara Showhouse for a very lovely ceremony inside the greenhouse – followed by family, wedding party, and some really magical bride & groom portraits.

We then all met at the Pirate Ship in Jordan Harbour for more bride & groom / family photos, and then we ended the day with some really beautiful captures with the always beautiful Niagara falls in the background.

Check out our selected faves from the day!

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